Last Updated: Aug 17, 2016     Views: 65

All UNR NetID passwords have to be changed once a year - you may have run across your reset date.  If you are being offered the "new" box, you should be able to go ahead and create a new password right there.  If not, you will need to go to the NetID Tool.

Note: If you have other devices that automatically query your NetID (example: smart phone that connects to your UNR email) you may need to shut them down, then bring them up and change the password on each.  Otherwise, systems that keep querying with the old password could lock up your account (multiple tries with the wrong password lock the account for 30 minutes).

If you are having these problems despite having changed your NetID password recently, then your next best bet is to contact the Computing Help line, 682-5000, so they can check the status of your account.